The Last Battle

In the book “The Last Battle” by CS Lewis, the world of Narnia ends and a “New Narnia” is created. Republicans are in this book, represented by a small band of Dwarfs who have made it into the “New” Narnia, but still believe they are living¬†¬†in a straw hut in the Old Narnia. Aslan Himself offers them wine in Gold Goblets, but they can only see it as a bucket of Brackish Water. He then lays out a feast of fine food for them, and they can only see a batch of bad turnips.

The Republican Party, and their mouthpiece Faux News, are very much like these Dwarfs. No matter how good it really is outside of their little fiction-bubble, they will never see it – They will only see that their United States is a Straw Hut, and all the fine wine in the world is nothing but Brackish Water to them.

But we really need not worry too much, because they will be pleased to stay in their straw hut, they will not venture out of it, and their numbers will be fewer and fewer each year, especially as more Latinos, Blacks, Gays, Women and Young People enter the Voting Force. Each Election the “Majority” of White Voters becomes a smaller and smaller percentage. By not welcoming a Rainbow Nation, they are only bringing the inevitable death of the Republican Party closer in time.

Fox News: America is ‘the shallowest country in the history of man’