The Last Battle

In the book “The Last Battle” by CS Lewis, the world of Narnia ends and a “New Narnia” is created. Republicans are in this book, represented by a small band of Dwarfs who have made it into the “New” Narnia, but still believe they are living  in a straw hut in the Old Narnia. Aslan Himself offers them wine in Gold Goblets, but they can only see it as a bucket of Brackish Water. He then lays out a feast of fine food for them, and they can only see a batch of bad turnips.

The Republican Party, and their mouthpiece Faux News, are very much like these Dwarfs. No matter how good it really is outside of their little fiction-bubble, they will never see it – They will only see that their United States is a Straw Hut, and all the fine wine in the world is nothing but Brackish Water to them.

But we really need not worry too much, because they will be pleased to stay in their straw hut, they will not venture out of it, and their numbers will be fewer and fewer each year, especially as more Latinos, Blacks, Gays, Women and Young People enter the Voting Force. Each Election the “Majority” of White Voters becomes a smaller and smaller percentage. By not welcoming a Rainbow Nation, they are only bringing the inevitable death of the Republican Party closer in time.

Fox News: America is ‘the shallowest country in the history of man’

Last Words: Romney’s “Christianity”

This is to all Christians who may be strongly supporting Romney if they should so happen to find this Blog.

Fact is, I was not going to change this. But with only one more day left before our futures are decided, I’m going to have to try to make this clearer.

You love God? You follow Jesus? You read the bible, try to do what it says? Ok. Now how about this:  How many times in the last 4 years has your church preached about God? In fact, does your church still even do that, or are your pulpits now podiums for PUNDITS?

I just want to know, where Jesus commanded that we make it a law that everyone else in the world now must by *law* believe exactly as we believe. Including Jews, Hindus, Muslims and Buddhists? Also, does not The Bible also “command” us to obey our government and RESPECT our leaders?

I just want to know, when Jesus personally commanded you to despise the President, to hate him, and to use foul language when talking about him? And did Jesus also tell you to use insulting language to everyone who does not agree with you, or believe the same way you believe, or, even worse: who believe the same thing but are not voting for the same guy you are voting for?

In other words, did Jesus give you express permission to be as rude, arrogant and insulting as possible, for political reasons? I really want to know this, cos I’ve been through the Bible since I was 16, and I’ve never seen any evidence that I should do these things – Yet, they are being done, and by people who claim to be worshipping God. And why don’t we break that down – Who, Who is God? The first word for God was Elohim, used only in Genesis, meaning a collective of sorts, later he was named YHWH or “I AM” – And His name stays the same up to and through the New Testament. The entire Old Testament and most of the new sets Him apart from MAN, “God is not a man” – Just search that phrase in your Online-Bible. So, regardless of if He was a collective being, in Genesis, to a Singular God (With Three Persons) in The New testament, He is the Same God from the beginning, and has never changed – According to The Bible.

Which brings me to the point I was originally making, I had to back it up with some background first. It is regarding this Presidential Election and the Christians and Right are saying how “We are in Danger of Losing our Judeo Christian heritage” – But in fact, our nation was not designed that way in the first place.  But the bone of my contention is who these Christians are supporting.  And the main thing is this: Their presidential candidate does not worship YHWH, he worships Adam.

I’ve been a Christian for 45 years, and I tell you with all my Heart – Romney is not a Christian and does not support the same values you, or I hold. He most certainly does not worship YHWH and does not set the Son of God in the same place we do. In fact he worships “Adam” (as in Adam and Eve): just google “Mormon Worship of Adam” and watch the documents from the LDS start piling up. And I’m just reminding you of how many bible verses warn us about false prophets, or in this case, Profit? Romney is a false Profit – He really does not care about life, he is just telling you this so you will vote for him. But if you search your heart, you will see, that you should not support him. Now as I have had this statement met with a lot of contention, here it is from Wikipedia:–God_doctrine

Hundreds of Thousands of Christians have come to realize this, some of those even Republicans. Why haven’t you? What is this guy promising (or, not really promising but nevertheless keeps hammering at you over and over)? Stopping our country’s policy of offering Medical Care for Women? Is that it? Planned Parenthood? If you are of the type that would try to stop people from entering Planned Parenthood, do you also minister to your friends and neighbors by forcing them to accept your religious and political POVs but then deny then the same right to have theirs, should they differ from yours?

Not all people in this country have FAITH, and the reason that is, is due to people trying to force a moral policy onto others with LAW. Jesus did not come to abolish the law, he came to fulfill it – Meaning WE do not need to burden our friends and neighbors with MORE Laws.

I remember one of my old pastors, Mike Macintosh of Calvary Chapel/Horizon and mentor to Miles of The Rock Church used to say: “Latter Day Saints-A Non Prophet Organization.” – This does not change simply because Billy Graham removes Mormonism from CULT status after 50 years of preaching on it. I worked the Billy Graham crusade in san Diego in 1977 – Where do you think I first heard the bulk of what I am saying in these blogs? Billy Graham personally laid into Mormonism for a whole night of the crusade.

This is the last time I am going to bring this up between now and the 6th – It is up to you to deal with it:  —but you are getting me involved, which is why I am speaking up about it.