Ok, the STORY needs to be RETOLD.

UPDATED! Re-did the Bass and added a NEW guitar part!

WARNING! This song contains GUITAR WANKING

I just kind of pieced this together today.

I was in a hurry, Ha Ha:





I’m sick of your shit

I’m sick of your name

Your bloated pronouncements

Your alleged *Fame*

I’m sick of the kid

Gloves that I need

To handle your shit

And the places you’ve peed

King of the nothing

And the porno Affair

Mouth full of bullshit

Head full of Air

I’m sick your SHIT

Why don’t you suck a teat?

We’re sick of your Face:

An Ape, by any other name,

like SHIT would REEK!

We’re sick of your dramas

We’re sick of your spew

You spit like a llama

You eat jackarse STEW

We’re sick of the dogma

And catma you fling

Why don’t you SHUDDUP

Your words:


King of the sex chat

It’s there in your hand

Whenever you type

Your gland’s in your HAND

We’re sick of your SHIT

Why don’t you eat Feces?

We’re sick of your Non-face:

A JERK, by any other name, A JERK REMAINS!

This is aboot EFFee Tee and his stoopid little website, Und how it allegedly gopt “HACKED.”

He was dumb enough to leave an FTP server with ANONYMOUS ACCESS with UPLOAD PRIVELEGES.

you just do this:


(This will no longer work, cos after I entered the site and uploaded 50 MB of a Japanese Anime Cartoon through this ANONYMOUS EGRESS which is 100% LEGHAL for me to ENJTER and do what the foog I WANT… I posted on MP3.com HOW to “IT” HOW to protect yourself from this kind of stuff, and, HE/IT actually TOOK MY ADVICE… So, IT/HE is an IDIOT!)

So, anyone could ENTER his site and upload shit. What a dumb ass. EVERYBODY knows that when you make a SITE, that you do NOT allow ANONYMOUS ACCESS to it. This is like, the Law of Gravity: If ANYONE messes with Websites, it is like RULE NUMBER 1: Do NOT allow ANONYMOUS FTP ACCESS to the site, you FUCKFACE!

Anyone entering a website that allows anonymous FTP access has Fair Use of it… If he did not WANT people getting into the site, all he had to do was tell the ISP to not ALLOW Anonymous FTP access. What a fucking stupid asshole.

Also, when I found out that IT’S NAME was G. S. Stambaugh: This was how I did it:


If that does not work, you will have to go to


And click “New Search”

And type “Father Time” [WITH QUOTATION MARKS!] into the BASIC SEARCH window.

The record is the 4th record out of 15 records.

It’s all PUBLIC record dude

No “Detective” work required, I just checked ALL the records that used the name “Father Time” and the one that was MUSIC-based had to be him. Cos, I knew that with this creep’s BLOATED ego, there was NO way that he/IT did NOT set up some kind of Trademark.

You can’t just REGISTER a trademark without giving REAL personal info.

If XX’s REAL NAME is NOT G.S. Stambo, then he’s breaking all kinds of FEDERAL Laws.

SO LET us get the the MEAT of the matter.

This activity resulted in people thinking that I do hacking. NO. I do NOT do Hacking– If I DID, then I would CERTAINLY do a LOT more than simply Uploading an MPEG CARTOON to XX’s personal Website.

So, XX should consider ITself LUCKY that I DO NOT do HACKING.

Shit, half of the crap I do is to keep hackers OUT of MY system.

But, if a REAL hacker wanted EGRESS into ANY of our systems, nobody could stop them.

There are guys out there that live for compleatly fucking you over… I know a few of them, and by Ghod you do NOT want to piss these guys off.

So, fooking Goobly-Fartglargh- Shitippity- POOP!

(And… NOPE. I have not read ONE ICKY Word that has emitted from XX’s Ugly Fookin HAIRY Butt-like SWEARHOLE.)

So: Was what I did NICE?

Who fuckin CARES if what I did was NICE or not. FUUUUCK Nice.

You think what FUCKFACE here has been SPEWING at me the last few weeks has been NICE?

Go look at http://Moosiks.com , the DESTRUCTION of Moosiks, is 100% COMPLEAT. XX has DESTROYED http://Moosiks.com Compleatly- He has OBLITERATED it:

I HEREBY give you this assignment: Go to Moosiks and go back about 6 pages.

COUNT the amount of DEROGATORY THREADS aimed at ME by SCOTT.

So, you wanna TALK about NICE? FUCK YOU if you THINK that Scott’s TORRENT-O-SPEW aimed at ME is NICE.

WHAT IS WORSE goddam it:

Scott’s SPEW aimed at ME, or the fact that 1) I looked up a PUBLIC record and discovered that some JACKASS that had TRADEMARKED the name FATHER TIME was named G.S. Stambo and HERE is the PUBLIC RECORD on that:


Word Mark FATHER TIME Goods and Services IC 041. US 100 101 107. G & S: entertainment, namely live performances by a musical band. FIRST USE: 19980518. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 19980518 Mark Drawing Code (1) TYPED DRAWING Serial Number 75649873 Filing Date March 1, 1999 Current Filing Basis 1A Original Filing Basis 1B Published for Opposition January 4, 2000 Registration Number 2456018 Registration Date May 29, 2001 Owner (REGISTRANT) G.S. StambaughType of Mark SERVICE MARK Register PRINCIPAL Live/Dead Indicator LIVE

So… NICE heh?

There is actually an ADDRESS listed there, but, anyone can LOOK THE RECORD UP and get it.

As I Said, it is a PUBLIC RECORD.

2) I entered an FTP site and I UPLOADED some stuff.

Well, I COULD have gone in there, and DELETED his INDEX.HTML file, RIGHT? But what he does NOT even mention in all this shit, is that I DID NOT DO THAT.

I mean, If I was REALLY trying to be Malicious, WHICH I WAS NOT: I Could have and WOULD HAVE Deleted his whole SITE.

Anyway, I also would NOT have posted INSTRUCTIONS to him on how to keep ANONYMOUS PEOPLE OUT of his WEBSITE.

OY VEY what a fookface. Does IT want an APOLOGY for that? I’LL offer an apology: I will PISS right on IT’S head, and I’ll FOOKING apologise if I MISS.

I am NOT interested in what IT wants. What I want is to be Free of IT’s SHIT.

So, If IT wants, IT can FUCKIN shuddup.