DrumpfSychophants: Walled Off from Reality.

My Ghod, Drumpf makes smart people stupid. I just spent half of the day with my friend who I used to travel with up to LA to sell software with. He’s been completely taken over by Drumpf Conspiracy Deep state chemtrail alien takeover ideas. He actually believes Pelosi has been replaced by an alien replacement, and that the real Pelosi is in Gitmo because #Fatso Has secretly locked up all of the Democrats including AOC, and replaced them all with Alien Replacement Clones. And he tells me that a big red tsunami is going to happen in 2020, that’s funny, because it didn’t happen in 2018, rather a blue tsunami instead. But you can’t speak to a person like this, because every response that you can give is always countered with “that’s MSM deep state takeover”. Then he goes on and on about how the deep state state is run by Jews, which surprised me with the hostility of this racism that he had never ever expressed before. He even wanted to correct the lyrics to “Vadican”, a song that CYKA plays, because I didn’t get the conspiracy theory that I was talking about quite correct or something. What can you do, ha? I finally got him to shut up for a second to ask him well where on these airplanes are the chemicals stored, because there’s no room for it on any plane commercial or otherwise because you kind of have to put fuel in the wings rather than chemtrail stuff. But his counter to that was that the aliens have the secret military bases and planes that store the chemtrail crap in the fuselage. Then, they fly at high altitude (which is absurd because high-altitude planes are specifically designed for weight limitations, and you couldn’t really store enough chemtrail crap to affect a citywide area on a plane like that, plus there is still the fuel consideration). Not to mention, you probably couldn’t store any chemtrail crap in a plane like that, because all of the allotted weight has to be fuel, and high altitude planes like that are usually single pilot. But then he says, “oh well they have the antigravity stuff”. Fuck, this guy has gone way off the deep end into Trump-Ville and the worst Reddit conspiracy boards. And then he started going on that I was cursed because I called Drumpf names and that I said God‘s got nothing to do with Drumpf because Drumpf has got nothing to do with God, he’s one of those asses who believes that Drumpf was sent by God or something. Fuck, it’s just way too much. The guy was always a little off kilter before, but now he’s gone completely whackadoodle. I finally told him that I had to mix some music to send for a new record social spit was offered a slot on.

But, he had brought Over a computer that he didn’t quite know how to assemble with two very expensive video cards in it, and he had promised he would give me one if I could fix his machine. Which I did, no problem. So he’s got this bitchin machine that has a GeForce 1060 video card, one of the most powerful that they make these days, and an Intel i5 Ivy Bridge CPU/GPU, but 32 bit windows 7 and only 2 GB of RAM. Which negates the concept of using a good gamer video card. 😂. Before, He was always able to make these crazy machines that were very fast with the best technology. Now, he doesn’t even know how to plug a power supply into the motherboard.

But, now I’ve got an Nvidia GeForce GTX 750 Ti Video Card and 16gb of Ram in my system thanks to that video card. So at least something good came out of being tortured by conspiracy theories for three hours. 😂🤮👽🤮😂


Windows 10 nightmare part two

I thought I was finally going to get a good nights sleep and I was having wonderful dreams, I was playing music with a friend of mine from about 20 years ago and we were making some really great noise and I almost remembered the song when I woke up, except for this: at about 5 o’clock in the morning in my half dream state I hear this mysterious sound of my computer rebooting and I’m going what the fuck!! so I have to get my ass up and trip over everything and then sit on my chair and switch over to my windows 10 computer and Yep! once again it is fucking trying to update itself.

I went through all of the settings that I sent yesterday and I found even more automatic update Settings hidden in the task scheduler so after I disabled all of those triggers I found something strange in my windows start up, something called EOL notify. Which basically tells you that your computer is at end-of-life and that you have to update. Huh? I’m already on windows 10, fuck you.

So with a little bit of searching I found the actual hot fix (cold break) that controls this, and I deleted it. Write this down: KB4091461. Then I isolated and deleted the windows 10 upgrade apps: there were two of them on the system, one of them called upgradeassistant, The other called Windows10upgradeassistant, both identical. It’s like, they really want you to fucking update, and they make it impossible for you to not update. Fuck Microsoft up the ass with a fucking trident.  In order to find them and delete the fuck out of them, I had to use Revo UnInstaller and activate the “show system modules“ feature.

After that I found more errors on my hard drives – can’t afford to buy a new one this month. Just fricken GREAT!

 I guess I have no excuse but to put my second Dell OptiPlex 980 in that slot and migrate (migraine) my programs over to it.  I had been hoping to take the 8 GB of RAM from that machine and stick it in my other OptiPlex.

Whoops, don’t you know I can’t add my images,  because there is no longer any official blogger app for iOS version that they have won’t work with iOS 11, fuck you google very much.  And the images that are available to me when I choose “from Phone”, aren’t from my phone.

Windows 10 nightmare part one

 When windows 10 came out I thought Microsoft had done something good, I thought wrong. The biggest mistake that Microsoft has ever made is in this operating system: unstoppable, forced updates.  And today if you have managed to stay on the original version of windows 10 you are no longer able to because it is end-of-life.

 This is a fucking nightmare that started at 1 o’clock in the morning.
My main PC had blue screened, then when I try to reboot, it said “boot sector not found“, meaning bad sector on the boot drive. So, I booted up to my Flash Drive that has the repair programs, and I run GWscan.
This morning at about 10 o’clock I’ll check it out and of course it was repaired. So I check the structure of the file system using CHKDSK, it’s fixes a few things and then repairs so I can now boot.
Within five minutes I have this gigantic nag screen that’s informing me that my fucking system is updating to a new version of windows 10 without my permission of course. So with some Finagling, I managed to halt that process and delete the files on the computer that were causing it.
So then I try to deal with my antivirus which had updated to The latest, unwanted version, when the freaking windows 10 upgrade assistant nagscreen pops up again (you cannot click out of it), I was able to force it closed again and then delete the files again. Meanwhile my antivirus refused to downgrade itself to the earlier version so I had to uninstall it meaning I had to go into safe mode and run this uninstaller tool. Fortunately I was able to back up all of the settings before I uninstalled it. But I couldn’t reinstall the earlier version until I had run the UnInstaller.
Finally I looked up the problem on my phone and it brought me to a website that show me how to disable the windows 10 upgrade assistant, it turns out some update process installed a few lines into my task scheduler that was telling my computer to keep on downloading the update and to keep on trying to run it.

So getting rid of that complete bullshit took about 8 hours today, thank you and fuck you very much Microsoft.

 I had thought this had subs it but this morning at about 4 o’clock I heard some unusual rebooting of my main computer while I was trying to have a nice dream:

A Brief history of the Stargate Universes

Once upon a time there was this movie that defined a big movies in the mid 90s, about a ring of unnamed material (Naquada) that could transport you to a planet (via a stable wormhole) where the “god” RA had transported thousands of slaves in 3000 BC, called “Abydos”. 

What we didn’t know from the movie we learned later in a TV series based on the movie. The name of the material, the name of the planet, and the fact that RA was just one of thousands of a snakelike race called the goa’uold, that could crawl into any persons brain and take over and run him like a puppet, kind of like the puppet masters.

But where this universe differs from puppet masters is that the Goa’uold could keep a human host alive for thousands of years, and employed technology that made them appear godlike to the point where they actually believed in their own fake Godhood.

The TV show also added another race of chattel, The Jaffa, humans who had been altered with a pouch which could contain an infant Goa’uold, which could in turn give long life to the Jaffa.

Enter “Teal’c”, he looks human but he has a pouch, he uses one of the staff weapons to blow big holes in things and people, and he has a big ugly snake helmet, because he served the false god Apophos. He joins Jack O’Neill and Dan Jackson along with Samantha Carter to form SG-1.

Now in the movie and in the first two seasons of the TV series, The biggest threat are these Gou’auld, Who fly around in pyramid shaped space ships which are larger than cities, that could rain Death and Destruction down on to any Planet whose population decides to resist their ministrations.

And then we start hearing about other races with fantastic Godlike powers, the skinny-butted Asgard, who idolize Jack O’Neill (two Ls). The Nox, the Tolan, the Furlings (Who only ever get shown in a parody episode), and the Ancients, which become the Atlanteans,  or “Lantean” per Stargate Atlantis.

But then these Godlike aliens with Godlike powers seem to have enemies that could destroy even them, the Asgard are at war with the replicators, intelligent machines that can replicate any other machine or living material, even whole planets. And the ancients, who can decide to become ascended beings of ultimate power, are at odds with another group of powerful beings called the Ori, Who have created a militant religion in another galaxy, except imagine if militant Christians in the crusades had the power to destroy whole planets if they would not convert? And then to top it off in the Pegasus galaxy we have the Wraith, which came about because humans had been eaten by The Iratus Bug, and evolved into life sucking vampires, which reproduced more rapidly than regular humans and took over the entire Pegasus galaxy, eating The populations of all planets at will and then sleeping for hundreds of years while the normal humans repopulate.

Meanwhile the Gou’auld are relegated down to minor irritations who have gotten their asses kicked so many times by SG-1 (The first team of the Tauri which spearheads exploration and defense missions for Stargate command, later called homeworld command), that the writers of The Stargate franchise seemed to have to make up novel situations for them to even appear in episodes, such as the god Ba’al cloning himself into about 100 clones, and then starting all kinds of businesses on earth, and then even going back in time and killing off Cam Mitchell’s grandfather causing Cam to become a true grandfather paradox.

Oh I forgot to mention Cam Mitchell, what happened here was that the Syfy channel took over distributing Stargate SG-1, but then Richard Dean Anderson quit the series. The Syfy channel had another hit TV show called Farscape, and rather than pumping out the money to have two highly popular science fiction shows on the same night and possibly make a whole bunch of money, they canceled Farscape and put it it’s two main stars in to the Stargate universe, Ben Browder and Claudia black became Cameron Mitchell and Vala Mal Doran, Vala who became a love interest for Daniel Jackson in the last two seasons.

So basically what we see here is that we start off with one type of bad guy, who get beaten and then and even worse Bad guys appear out of nowhere just as the previous threat gets dealt with. Goa’uold to Replicators to Human form replicators to Ori to Wraith, The bad guys keep getting unimaginably worse time and again.

Meanwhile about four galaxies away there is this spaceship that the ancients made flying around, which requires a nine symbol gate address to access. Unfortunately to dial a nine digit gate address requires a hell of a lot of material called Naquadria (refer to the sixth season of Stargate SG-1 and it’s replacement character Jonas Quinn), but unfortunately dialing nine symbols uses up so much power that it causes whatever Planet you dial from to explode. Colonel Carter, commanding the dreadnaught “Hammond” barely escapes from an exploding planet, while about 100 scientists, government officials, techs, janitors and other nobodies get transported to this spaceship four galaxies away, called the Destiny, it’s so big they can’t even find the control room, but it is running out of power, and they don’t know that it automatically flies into certain kinds of suns to top off it’s fuel. So they all freak out and there’s a big authority struggle, and we get to see people at their very worst, but sometimes at their very best.

But that’s a whole other can of worms, needless to say they start getting chased around by unidentified aliens and robotic drones so they have to keep flying between galaxies. That’s pretty much where it ended.

But it was always great to see episodes where they had characters from the other shows in the franchise appear, this happened several times in Stargate Universe, which was a lot better than people gave it credit for and deserved more than the two measly seasons Syfy channel gave it.

But the irony here is that the Syfy channel acquired one of the best sci-fi television shows of all time and they ruined it. Well of course there were good episodes during that time but previous to that it was more high-quality then the Syfy channel ever gave it. And then in their ultimate wisdom Syfy channel canceled all of the shows, so now they’ve got nothing.

SG-1 was able to finish it’s two main story lines in two movies released direct to DVD in 2008, “The ark of truth” and “continuum”, which put satisfying lids on to the Ori and the Ba’al storylines. We even got to see Jack O’Neill, and also a bunch of the “gods” that had been killed off during the series. Even a few replicators, so it wasn’t a total waste.

Windows 8: A Masked Man Remodels Your Kitchen

Struggling with a new operating system forced on you by Microsoft is like phoning to have your kitchen wallpapered and being told to your horror that in order to get new wallpaper you must accept a contractor with a black mask who then remodels your entire kitchen, installs hidden cabinets with secret locks, and hides all your kitchen stuff in obscure locations. The contractor explains on the way out the door that you now have a bunch of new appliances — none of which you needed or asked for. The contractor hands you a short video that helps you find a few pots and pans but says nothing about where to find the silverware or the sugar. The first day you try to make breakfast, you miss half a day of work. You have to gulp your orange juice out of the carton because Microsoft won’t tell you where the glassware is hidden. You go to McDonalds for dinner.


Lock me up in the county jail. Microsoft could not have stolen precious time from me more effectively than if they had locked me up in the county jail for a couple weeks. I have spent dozens of hours for many days trying to find ordinary functions that Microsoft has deviously hidden away in Windows 8. Simple things like opening a new page on Internet Explorer have become infuriating hunt and click searches. Clicking on the Internet Explorer icon as on past Microsoft Operating Systems does nothing. I finally found the answer to opening a new IE page: there is a very small, unlabeled grey square near the top of an existing IE page. Click on that and Microsoft will finally disgorge its treasure, but only to taunt you the next time you try to find the simplest function — like the “Start” button (doesn’t exist in Windows 8) or the Directory (renamed “File Explorer” to be found if you know the secret code: holding down the Windows key and the “X” key at the same time). None of these obfuscations are explained in the Microsoft tutorials. The user-victim is forced to waste time searching for hours and hours or to hire an Anointed One to guide the search. 

I HAVE USED MICROSOFT PRODUCTS FOR OVER 20 YEARS. I HATE, REPEAT HATE, WINDOWS 8. Please ashcan this system and give us back the time you have been stealing from us.
Atrtibuted to

Contemplating the Black Oil

What Lies Below


Part 1: Piper Maru


In The X Files, around Season 3 episode 15. a new twist was added to Mulder’s Alien quest. A crew on a French Salvage boat was sent to appropriate a World War II Sub which was allegedly transporting a nuke to Japan, but they find instead a P-51 fighter called the PIPER MARU (Named for Gillian Andersen’s new daughter). A diver named Gauther is infected with a black gooey substance, which is actually nothing but your regular 40-weight Oil, but instead of having Techron added to it, it contained an insidious intelligence. A person infected with this stuff would be a host puppet for this intelligence, which could spew radiation at will, and so it irradiates the rest of the Salvage Crew before the salvage vessel is “rescued” and brought to Long Beach- Which is what it wanted, so it could go to Gauther’s house in San Francisco and find some evidence – Of something.

This stuff can jump from person to person, and it jumps into Gauther’s wife, played here by Kimberly Unger who was in the season 1 episode “Fallen Angel” – But with curly blond hair. Here, she has long brunette tresses, needless to say this actress looked the part of a French Wife. Mrs. Gauther finds her way to Hong Kong. Meanwhile Mulder and Skully are looking into this, Mulder’s track brings him to San Francisco and Gauther’s House as well as to his employer’s office, and he follows a secretary to Hong Kong and finds that she had bought the location of the Sub from Alex Krycek, our favorite Russian Goon who has ties to the yet unnamed “Syndicate” of men who have secrets, one of which is The Cigarette Smoking Man/Cancerman aka CEG Spender also as yet unnamed.

In Hong Kong, the Black Oil jumps into Krycek in the men’s bathroom at the Hong Kong Airport – And informs Mulder he is a “New Man” – What is clearly going on here is a long string of interrelated people, who all think they are using each other: Mulder thinks he can use Krycek to re-acquire his digital tape of Secrets from “Anasazi”, Krycek thinks he can lead Mulder around by his Alien Sniffing nose, etc. In actuality, it is the Black Oil which is organizing this dance. Before the Blood Rises, these episodes bring closure to Skully for her sister Melissa’s death at the hands of one of Krycek’s Assassins, who has also shot Assistant Director Walter Skinner.

Part 2: “Fight the Future,” or, “What Cannot be Programmed, Categorized, or Easily Referenced”


In between seasons 5 and 6 of The X Files, Chris Carter had done something which no showrunner had thought of previously – He released a Theatrical Feature Film of The X Files. Primarily, this movie deals with the relationship of “The Bees” which had been shown in the Season 3/4 bridging arc “Talitha Cumi”/”Herrenvolk which introduces the Jeremiah Smith “Clone” character who leads Mulder to the place where Bees are being harvested as a delivery system for The Black Oil. This is not explored in those episodes, it is explored in the film, and the exact nature of how the Oil can infect a person and cause a creature to gestate inside of a “Living Human Host” (Sound like Alien?) is shown – But not completely, that arc is finished in the season 6 episode “The Beginning” which takes up right after events from the film. And so a new dimension was added to the lifecycle of Mulder’s Gray Aliens: They begin life as “Purity” which is what the Black Oil is called, they create a new lifeform out of an infected human host, one which is a mindless and vicious killer, and this lifeform sloughs off it’s skin and transforms into the Grey creatures which Mulder always chases. The Mind-Reading Child “Gibson Praise” witnesses this transformation in the series, making him a target for the shape-changingAlien Bounty Hunter played by Brian Thompson.

The last X-Files episode where the Oil makes an appearance is in Season 8’sVienen where a group of people are found that have a natural resistance to The Oil – People of Hispanic/Mayan descent- The Black Oil is killed when it tries to infect people of this kind. To try to keep this secret, the Black Oil takes over the whole crew of an Oil Drilling rig which is planted solidly above a huge undersea Oil field which is ALL BLACK OIL – Which Mulder blows up to keep it from being harvested by an Oil Company, and in doing so he is booted out of the FBI, so he can no longer chase little green men with his shiny badge and gun shouting to the heavens and to anyone who will listen, that “The Fix is In, the Sky is falling, and when it hits it will be the Shitstorm of All time.” –This also gave David Duchovny a means to exit the series gracefully, until finally needed in the season 9 and series Finale The Truth: Parts 1 & 2.”

Part 3: From The X Files to FRINGE, or, “What Lies Below


In Boston, Massachusetts, a Bike Messenger approaches the entry to “Vitas Petroleum” and enters with a Bald Dutchman. The man appears normal but soon his nose starts to bleed. He has a fit and falls down dead in the office of this building, his corpse involuntarily spews out some nasty red stuff. It should be noted that two of the employees of Vitas Petroleum are  two very regular X-Files actors, Megan Leitch (Who always played Mulder’s “Grown Up/Clone” Sister Samantha) and Agent Pendrell (Brendan Beiser). Fringe Division is called in to find out why the Dutchman fell over. Meanwhile, Walter Bishop is shown “teaching” some kids at a Museum (But not a Red one) – At first we think this is with the permission of the institution, but in fact he just got up and started teaching them about early world exploration and how people died horrible grisly deaths due to Scurvy during one of Magellan’s first world cruises – Table this for later, it becomes relevant.

When Bishop gets to the gas company, the Bike Messenger is trying to leave, but Walter sees something odd with the kid and prevents him from leaving, and the kid also spews red stuff. Walter calls on Broyles to Quarantine the entire building and everyone in it, which includes Peter and Olivia who are inside.

This is a complete out-of-X Files appearance of The Black Oil, and as the episode goes on, in becomes apparent that THIS IS THE SAME STUFF from The X Files. Found in a drilling sample from 10 miles down/75,000 years old, the sample was infested with a virus right in the Oil sample. As Walter investigates, the Virus shows signs of a hideous and insidious intelligence. It’s goal? Exit the building at all costs. And what best way to do this other than infecting Peter Bishop who shares Walter’s 190 IQ? And Peter almost does it, there is no doubt that he would have died had he gotten outside and spewed, because one the organism is able to get it’s host to do what it wants, it has no further use for it/him/her.

Walter’s solution to this dilemma is not the Russian or Syndicate “Weak Vaccine” which was shown in the X Files series and Feature Film, it is more basic than that – But who is to say that the Weak Vaccine that the “Well Manicured man” from the X Files  had developed was not based on the same thing? It may have been, and in case of Fringe, it was Sulfur, which has been used as an Antibiotic. Mainly, as Walter sees the behavior of this stuff, he is better at finding how to contain it and ultimately kill it. But mostly, in this Fringe episode, it is so that “Peter will not die – Again.” (Meaning, he has already died once?) And in fact we had been shown Peter’s 1985 grave in the season 1 finale.

Regardless of show, the properties of The Black Oil are the same for both. As Fringe Division really did not focus on chasing little green men with a badge and gun like Mulder, they have in fact met an extra-terrestrial in one and only one Fringe episode, the same way that John Doggett and Monica Reyes dealt with Parallel Universes in one and only one X File where they met a man who could walk from one verse into the other the same way Olivia can.

So if you prefer to go with Mulder as he goes after his aliens, either in The X Files or in his Ivan Reitman film “Evolution” or if you like your Parallel Universes Red and Blue like in Fringe, it is always great to find stuff from one of your favorite shown show up in Another, So that maybe in a Green Fringe Universe, Mulder and Skully had offices right down the hall from Agent Dunham.




The two sides of the world



On one side of my world, there are politicians, mostly republican, ravening drooling and raving about guns and 2nd amendments: these people (like Michelle Bachmann, she’s just one of many) are almost totally illiterate, not even knowing basic History, Science, Math, or most important, ETHICS.

On the opposing side of my world, I have extreme interest in Filmmakers. Maybe because they create worlds that are better than this piece of shit planet. James Cameron, even though he does like to pirate ideas from the same science fiction books I read as a kid: I can forgive his thefts because he actually constructs something totally new out of it. Plus when I watch documentaries of his work, he is intelligent, well educated, and well grounded in the very things these Bachmann-Style politicians lack. Another guy that fascinates me is Richard Taylor from Weta Workshop: Who talks with this New Zealandish droning, but to hear him discuss his work, you know THIS is a man of high intelligence who grasps not only the most important things in life, but his work ethic matches this quality, everything is well thought out.

So we have these two disparate things: Stupid Politicians and incredibly intelligent Filmmakers. It’s as if I choose to live in a fantasy world cos this one sucks so much.


But since I can’t just beam myself off this crummy planet, or even down to New Zealand where the smarter people seem to congregate, I engulf myself with moovies. It’s the only way I got to escape. Because when I’m not totally absorbed in some great epic story that has a great ending, I’m fighting these pinheads who somehow have gotten elected and have chosen to make life as fucked as possible for everybody who’s not fucking rich. There IS no middle class, not anymore, there is only abject poverty vs people who have WAY more then they’ll ever need, and they sit around naked counting their money, like from the fairy tale about the princess who believed everything she heard: when she heard that her father sat around naked counting his money: she finally didn’t believe what she heard.

This is the reverse of what’s happening in reality though: in reality: The extreme Obama haters come up with all sorts of outlandish tales about our current King: and the more outlandish or unbelievable the stories are, the more the republicans believe them, and start passing these fictions off as fact. There is now more documented conspiracy crap about Obama than books about Jesus. More than any other person on this planet: if there were only one or two conspiracy theories about Obama, maybe that could be believed, because everybody in the world has one or two bad things they did. But the sheer vast BULK of the crap they say about Obama dictates that NONE of it is to be believed, and it cancels out any of it that may even be true: See, crying WOLF to the point the republicans have, has destroyed their credibility FOREVER.

That’s why I must continue fighting these turds for the rest of my life, just to safeguard my RIGHT to engulf myself in my brand of escapism. I’ll enjoy it the most in 2014 when the rest of these tea bastards are voted out.

The Last Battle

In the book “The Last Battle” by CS Lewis, the world of Narnia ends and a “New Narnia” is created. Republicans are in this book, represented by a small band of Dwarfs who have made it into the “New” Narnia, but still believe they are living  in a straw hut in the Old Narnia. Aslan Himself offers them wine in Gold Goblets, but they can only see it as a bucket of Brackish Water. He then lays out a feast of fine food for them, and they can only see a batch of bad turnips.

The Republican Party, and their mouthpiece Faux News, are very much like these Dwarfs. No matter how good it really is outside of their little fiction-bubble, they will never see it – They will only see that their United States is a Straw Hut, and all the fine wine in the world is nothing but Brackish Water to them.

But we really need not worry too much, because they will be pleased to stay in their straw hut, they will not venture out of it, and their numbers will be fewer and fewer each year, especially as more Latinos, Blacks, Gays, Women and Young People enter the Voting Force. Each Election the “Majority” of White Voters becomes a smaller and smaller percentage. By not welcoming a Rainbow Nation, they are only bringing the inevitable death of the Republican Party closer in time.

Fox News: America is ‘the shallowest country in the history of man’

Last Words on Romney’s so called "Christianity"

I’ve been a Christian for 45 years, and I tell ya with all my Heart – Romney is not a Christian and does not support the same values you, or I hold. He most certainly does not worship YHWH and does not set the Son of God in the same place we do. In fact he worships “Adam” (as in Adam and Eve): just google “Mormon Worship of Adam” and watch the documents from the LDS start piling up. And I’m just reminding you of how many bible verses warn us about false prophets, or in this case, Profit? Romney is a false Profit – He really does not care about life, he is just telling you this so you will vote for him. But if you search your heart, you will see, that you should not support him.
Hundreds of Thousands of Christians have come to realise this, some of those even Republicans. Why haven’t you? What is he promising (or, not really promising but nevertheless keeps hammering at you over and over)? Stopping our country’s policy of offering Medical Care for Women? Is that it? Planned Parenthood? If you are of the type that would try to stop people from entering Planned Parenthood, do you also minister to your friends and neighbors by forcing them to accept your religious and political POVs but then deny then the same right to have theirs, should they differ from yours? Not all people in this country have FAITH, and the reason that is, is due to people trying to force a moral policy onto others with LAW. Jesus did not come to abolish the law, he came to fulfill it – Meaning WE do not need to burden our friends and neighbors with MORE Laws.
I remember one of my old pastors, Mike Macintosh of Calvary Chapel/Horizon and mentor to Miles of The Rock Church used to say: “Latter Day Saints-A Non Prophet Organization,” – This does not change simply because Billy Graham removes Mormonism from CULT status after 50 years of preaching on it.
Mitt Romney, or as I like to call him, “Robotny” – Has sent out thousands of ROBOCALL ads, to specifically targeted Christians in Virginia, and possibly all through the “Bible Belt” – That “Obama is a threat to the freedom of our FAITH” – This is not true. The difference is, Obama will work just as hard to protect an Atheists’ lack of faith, as a Christian’s profession of it: WHich is what the Bill of Rights guarantees.
Romney would invalidate the bill of rights in favour of “only Christians” — but when it comes down to it, Christians will find their rights curtailed as well.
This is the last time I am going to bring this up between now and the 6th – It is up to you to deal with it.

Last Words: Romney’s “Christianity”

This is to all Christians who may be strongly supporting Romney if they should so happen to find this Blog.

Fact is, I was not going to change this. But with only one more day left before our futures are decided, I’m going to have to try to make this clearer.

You love God? You follow Jesus? You read the bible, try to do what it says? Ok. Now how about this:  How many times in the last 4 years has your church preached about God? In fact, does your church still even do that, or are your pulpits now podiums for PUNDITS?

I just want to know, where Jesus commanded that we make it a law that everyone else in the world now must by *law* believe exactly as we believe. Including Jews, Hindus, Muslims and Buddhists? Also, does not The Bible also “command” us to obey our government and RESPECT our leaders?

I just want to know, when Jesus personally commanded you to despise the President, to hate him, and to use foul language when talking about him? And did Jesus also tell you to use insulting language to everyone who does not agree with you, or believe the same way you believe, or, even worse: who believe the same thing but are not voting for the same guy you are voting for?

In other words, did Jesus give you express permission to be as rude, arrogant and insulting as possible, for political reasons? I really want to know this, cos I’ve been through the Bible since I was 16, and I’ve never seen any evidence that I should do these things – Yet, they are being done, and by people who claim to be worshipping God. And why don’t we break that down – Who, Who is God? The first word for God was Elohim, used only in Genesis, meaning a collective of sorts, later he was named YHWH or “I AM” – And His name stays the same up to and through the New Testament. The entire Old Testament and most of the new sets Him apart from MAN, “God is not a man” – Just search that phrase in your Online-Bible. So, regardless of if He was a collective being, in Genesis, to a Singular God (With Three Persons) in The New testament, He is the Same God from the beginning, and has never changed – According to The Bible.

Which brings me to the point I was originally making, I had to back it up with some background first. It is regarding this Presidential Election and the Christians and Right are saying how “We are in Danger of Losing our Judeo Christian heritage” – But in fact, our nation was not designed that way in the first place.  But the bone of my contention is who these Christians are supporting.  And the main thing is this: Their presidential candidate does not worship YHWH, he worships Adam.

I’ve been a Christian for 45 years, and I tell you with all my Heart – Romney is not a Christian and does not support the same values you, or I hold. He most certainly does not worship YHWH and does not set the Son of God in the same place we do. In fact he worships “Adam” (as in Adam and Eve): just google “Mormon Worship of Adam” and watch the documents from the LDS start piling up. And I’m just reminding you of how many bible verses warn us about false prophets, or in this case, Profit? Romney is a false Profit – He really does not care about life, he is just telling you this so you will vote for him. But if you search your heart, you will see, that you should not support him. Now as I have had this statement met with a lot of contention, here it is from Wikipedia:


Hundreds of Thousands of Christians have come to realize this, some of those even Republicans. Why haven’t you? What is this guy promising (or, not really promising but nevertheless keeps hammering at you over and over)? Stopping our country’s policy of offering Medical Care for Women? Is that it? Planned Parenthood? If you are of the type that would try to stop people from entering Planned Parenthood, do you also minister to your friends and neighbors by forcing them to accept your religious and political POVs but then deny then the same right to have theirs, should they differ from yours?

Not all people in this country have FAITH, and the reason that is, is due to people trying to force a moral policy onto others with LAW. Jesus did not come to abolish the law, he came to fulfill it – Meaning WE do not need to burden our friends and neighbors with MORE Laws.

I remember one of my old pastors, Mike Macintosh of Calvary Chapel/Horizon and mentor to Miles of The Rock Church used to say: “Latter Day Saints-A Non Prophet Organization.” – This does not change simply because Billy Graham removes Mormonism from CULT status after 50 years of preaching on it. I worked the Billy Graham crusade in san Diego in 1977 – Where do you think I first heard the bulk of what I am saying in these blogs? Billy Graham personally laid into Mormonism for a whole night of the crusade.

This is the last time I am going to bring this up between now and the 6th – It is up to you to deal with it:  —but you are getting me involved, which is why I am speaking up about it.