A Brief history of the Stargate Universes

Once upon a time there was this movie that defined a big movies in the mid 90s, about a ring of unnamed material (Naquada) that could transport you to a planet (via a stable wormhole) where the “god” RA had transported thousands of slaves in 3000 BC, called “Abydos”. 

What we didn’t know from the movie we learned later in a TV series based on the movie. The name of the material, the name of the planet, and the fact that RA was just one of thousands of a snakelike race called the goa’uold, that could crawl into any persons brain and take over and run him like a puppet, kind of like the puppet masters.

But where this universe differs from puppet masters is that the Goa’uold could keep a human host alive for thousands of years, and employed technology that made them appear godlike to the point where they actually believed in their own fake Godhood.

The TV show also added another race of chattel, The Jaffa, humans who had been altered with a pouch which could contain an infant Goa’uold, which could in turn give long life to the Jaffa.

Enter “Teal’c”, he looks human but he has a pouch, he uses one of the staff weapons to blow big holes in things and people, and he has a big ugly snake helmet, because he served the false god Apophos. He joins Jack O’Neill and Dan Jackson along with Samantha Carter to form SG-1.

Now in the movie and in the first two seasons of the TV series, The biggest threat are these Gou’auld, Who fly around in pyramid shaped space ships which are larger than cities, that could rain Death and Destruction down on to any Planet whose population decides to resist their ministrations.

And then we start hearing about other races with fantastic Godlike powers, the skinny-butted Asgard, who idolize Jack O’Neill (two Ls). The Nox, the Tolan, the Furlings (Who only ever get shown in a parody episode), and the Ancients, which become the Atlanteans,  or “Lantean” per Stargate Atlantis.

But then these Godlike aliens with Godlike powers seem to have enemies that could destroy even them, the Asgard are at war with the replicators, intelligent machines that can replicate any other machine or living material, even whole planets. And the ancients, who can decide to become ascended beings of ultimate power, are at odds with another group of powerful beings called the Ori, Who have created a militant religion in another galaxy, except imagine if militant Christians in the crusades had the power to destroy whole planets if they would not convert? And then to top it off in the Pegasus galaxy we have the Wraith, which came about because humans had been eaten by The Iratus Bug, and evolved into life sucking vampires, which reproduced more rapidly than regular humans and took over the entire Pegasus galaxy, eating The populations of all planets at will and then sleeping for hundreds of years while the normal humans repopulate.

Meanwhile the Gou’auld are relegated down to minor irritations who have gotten their asses kicked so many times by SG-1 (The first team of the Tauri which spearheads exploration and defense missions for Stargate command, later called homeworld command), that the writers of The Stargate franchise seemed to have to make up novel situations for them to even appear in episodes, such as the god Ba’al cloning himself into about 100 clones, and then starting all kinds of businesses on earth, and then even going back in time and killing off Cam Mitchell’s grandfather causing Cam to become a true grandfather paradox.

Oh I forgot to mention Cam Mitchell, what happened here was that the Syfy channel took over distributing Stargate SG-1, but then Richard Dean Anderson quit the series. The Syfy channel had another hit TV show called Farscape, and rather than pumping out the money to have two highly popular science fiction shows on the same night and possibly make a whole bunch of money, they canceled Farscape and put it it’s two main stars in to the Stargate universe, Ben Browder and Claudia black became Cameron Mitchell and Vala Mal Doran, Vala who became a love interest for Daniel Jackson in the last two seasons.

So basically what we see here is that we start off with one type of bad guy, who get beaten and then and even worse Bad guys appear out of nowhere just as the previous threat gets dealt with. Goa’uold to Replicators to Human form replicators to Ori to Wraith, The bad guys keep getting unimaginably worse time and again.

Meanwhile about four galaxies away there is this spaceship that the ancients made flying around, which requires a nine symbol gate address to access. Unfortunately to dial a nine digit gate address requires a hell of a lot of material called Naquadria (refer to the sixth season of Stargate SG-1 and it’s replacement character Jonas Quinn), but unfortunately dialing nine symbols uses up so much power that it causes whatever Planet you dial from to explode. Colonel Carter, commanding the dreadnaught “Hammond” barely escapes from an exploding planet, while about 100 scientists, government officials, techs, janitors and other nobodies get transported to this spaceship four galaxies away, called the Destiny, it’s so big they can’t even find the control room, but it is running out of power, and they don’t know that it automatically flies into certain kinds of suns to top off it’s fuel. So they all freak out and there’s a big authority struggle, and we get to see people at their very worst, but sometimes at their very best.

But that’s a whole other can of worms, needless to say they start getting chased around by unidentified aliens and robotic drones so they have to keep flying between galaxies. That’s pretty much where it ended.

But it was always great to see episodes where they had characters from the other shows in the franchise appear, this happened several times in Stargate Universe, which was a lot better than people gave it credit for and deserved more than the two measly seasons Syfy channel gave it.

But the irony here is that the Syfy channel acquired one of the best sci-fi television shows of all time and they ruined it. Well of course there were good episodes during that time but previous to that it was more high-quality then the Syfy channel ever gave it. And then in their ultimate wisdom Syfy channel canceled all of the shows, so now they’ve got nothing.

SG-1 was able to finish it’s two main story lines in two movies released direct to DVD in 2008, “The ark of truth” and “continuum”, which put satisfying lids on to the Ori and the Ba’al storylines. We even got to see Jack O’Neill, and also a bunch of the “gods” that had been killed off during the series. Even a few replicators, so it wasn’t a total waste.