That CHRISTIANS are doing this, is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen, the most indecent thing, and the fact that this is a so-called “Spirit Filled Ministry” – Which Spirit?  Because the Holy Spirit with which I am familiar would never encourage anyone to use this level of unprecedented HATE. A MINISTRY that is doing these things, should be taxed, because this really has nothing to do with God, or what He would Want. Not to mention, was this little “experiment” also done with Romney’s contribution page? The entire argument here, is that Obama’s campaign fund accepted a “Foreign” contribution from a Terrorist. Using an AMERICAN Credit card, from Pasadena. I’ll bet the people who saw this little transaction saw it and said “Well, thanks for the $15 contribution, BUB.”

Mario Murillo Ministries



No block to foreign money – not even from dead terrorists

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Is the Tea Party a perversion of Ghandi’s Passive Resistance?

For the last Two Years the Tea Party has controlled The Senate. They have filibustered a record number of times, more than any Senate has used the device in the history of the United States.

I started my life as a Republican in a Catholic, Republican family, so I had to sit at the dinner table discussions. Over the Years I investigated other parties, including the Libertarian Party, which I joined in 1988. This was before Nonpartisan Ballots. My Father, a staunch Republican, challenged that choice. I agreed, so I became a Democrat in the 1992 election, and have been ever since. I did not switch because I hated the Republican party, I just disagreed with my father’s policy of “Vote No on everything that could possibly cost money” – Sometimes a good measure requires some fiscal impact, although I mostly agreed with his policy. His policies usually were with regard to how a candidate or measure would affect the taxpayer, but I expanded, or rather restricted the policy toward things that would affect my immediate tax bracket and below.

In 1992 I voted for Clinton, which did cause some family squabbles, and again in 1996, which caused more. But in 2008 I voted for Obama, which almost caused a great rift between myself and my family members. Suddenly I was bombarded with accusations of Nazism, Communism and Socialism (which are not even close to being the same things). One of my family members in a rage said “I’ll KILL You!”

So I was excited for my government in 2009 when Obama took Office and I thought NOW we will see some real change, now, maybe some good things can happen. An Historic Event had just occurred, a Coloured Man had taken the Oval Office. I had been behind Hilary Clinton running, I did not know who this Barak guy was. I was even considering voting for McCain, he seemed a nice guy. So I went to a couple’s house on the very night Sarah Palin was announced as VP Candidate: And what I saw there defied everything I had known about Presidential Elections in my then 51 years: The First Words emitting from Sarah Palin’s mouth were not encouraging words as to how McCain/Palin were to fix the huge Deficit Bush/Cheney had left us to rot in… What ensued was a barrage of Vitriol Unsuitable for a Vice Presidential Candidate and mostly very personal attacks on Barak Obama himself.

This was when I knew, there was a huge Paradigm Shift occurring within the ranks of the Republican Party, it was as if any sense of Honour and Responsibility to the People had been Excised completely from the party. From that moment on, I was a supporter of Barak Obama and I have not wavered in my support these last 5 years.

I did not know it then, but after time has passed I understand now that I was seeing the birthing of the Tea Party. In 2008 we saw the complete assimilation of the Republican Party by the Libertarian Party. I did not know this either, Until about four months ago, a friend of mine, a Republican, explained to me that Ron Paul is a Libertarian, but is only registered Republican so as to have the possibility of winning Elections.

In 2010, the “Republicans” took over the Senate, and from then on have obstructed every forward moving measure Obama was in support of. Closed Door Meetings with Republican Senators only resulted in Zero votes by Republican Senators for any and all of the measures brought into the Senate for Voting-If in fact the Measure was ever brought up for Vote, due to an inordinate amount of Filibusters, and other obstructions.

There seemed to be too much of a “solidarity” thing happening, but Solidarity is usually only present under heavy oppression. So I could never understand these obstructions, especially on many of the things that would have benefited both parties. But then, about 5 days ago, I was directed to something which sounded wonderful: The Thrive Movement.

I was very excited about this, and I wanted to tell everyone to look at the Film, which is highly controversial. I was instantly challenged by one particular friend of mine, who had investigated it, and debunked it heavily, when the movie was shown to his child in a Public School! He even met with members of the movement, but they would not change any of the most controversial items in the film. I wanted to know, why was there so much opposition to it? I mean it was just a World View, a Set of Problems, and some Possible Solutions.

So I followed the path that was laid out before me: I read every Pro and Con article and the many comments on each one. It led me to one inescapable destination: The Tea Party.

The Only Political Leader backing this movement is Ron Paul, Nobody Else is even associated with it. Over half of the people who were interviewed in the film have publicly disassociated with it. The Film’s main source of information is David Icke, which causes even more concern. But it is the “Solutions” section of the film which is wholly disturbing: Foster Gamble, the maker of the film and leader of the movement, who is actually part of this High Level “1%” who is controlling the World according to his own film, supports Ron Paul as President. In the Solutions he calls for PASSIVE RESISTANCE and cites Ghandi.

It may not be coincidence that this film and movement appeared in 2011, because in 2010 the Tea Party made it’s swollen bulbous ugly head known to mankind. If Gamble is a close friend of Paul’s, then he is also closely connected to The Tea Party, and the Senators who have been Elected in 2010 , maybe without knowing they were dong so, have been using Gamble’s misguided misuse of Ghandi’s Passive Resistance to form their Obstructionist Bloc.

I have been around this time and time again for days and every time I look out in another direction at other aspects of Thrive, I am always led back to Ron Paul and The Tea Party. For me, it explains where the obstructionism comes from. It does not necessarily follow that these Senators actually know that they are taking part in it. If they knew? If they could view the film, would they continue? Who knows, but it is just better to Vote them out of Office, and we have a solid chance of doing that very thing in November 2012. VOTE.  “Voting is force, and force is the power from which all authority is derived”-Robert Heinlein (A Republican) “Starship Troopers.”  The Only way to change the world is to use your ONE Vote to do it, not by refusing to vote or obstructing others from doing so.