The two sides of the world



On one side of my world, there are politicians, mostly republican, ravening drooling and raving about guns and 2nd amendments: these people (like Michelle Bachmann, she’s just one of many) are almost totally illiterate, not even knowing basic History, Science, Math, or most important, ETHICS.

On the opposing side of my world, I have extreme interest in Filmmakers. Maybe because they create worlds that are better than this piece of shit planet. James Cameron, even though he does like to pirate ideas from the same science fiction books I read as a kid: I can forgive his thefts because he actually constructs something totally new out of it. Plus when I watch documentaries of his work, he is intelligent, well educated, and well grounded in the very things these Bachmann-Style politicians lack. Another guy that fascinates me is Richard Taylor from Weta Workshop: Who talks with this New Zealandish droning, but to hear him discuss his work, you know THIS is a man of high intelligence who grasps not only the most important things in life, but his work ethic matches this quality, everything is well thought out.

So we have these two disparate things: Stupid Politicians and incredibly intelligent Filmmakers. It’s as if I choose to live in a fantasy world cos this one sucks so much.


But since I can’t just beam myself off this crummy planet, or even down to New Zealand where the smarter people seem to congregate, I engulf myself with moovies. It’s the only way I got to escape. Because when I’m not totally absorbed in some great epic story that has a great ending, I’m fighting these pinheads who somehow have gotten elected and have chosen to make life as fucked as possible for everybody who’s not fucking rich. There IS no middle class, not anymore, there is only abject poverty vs people who have WAY more then they’ll ever need, and they sit around naked counting their money, like from the fairy tale about the princess who believed everything she heard: when she heard that her father sat around naked counting his money: she finally didn’t believe what she heard.

This is the reverse of what’s happening in reality though: in reality: The extreme Obama haters come up with all sorts of outlandish tales about our current King: and the more outlandish or unbelievable the stories are, the more the republicans believe them, and start passing these fictions off as fact. There is now more documented conspiracy crap about Obama than books about Jesus. More than any other person on this planet: if there were only one or two conspiracy theories about Obama, maybe that could be believed, because everybody in the world has one or two bad things they did. But the sheer vast BULK of the crap they say about Obama dictates that NONE of it is to be believed, and it cancels out any of it that may even be true: See, crying WOLF to the point the republicans have, has destroyed their credibility FOREVER.

That’s why I must continue fighting these turds for the rest of my life, just to safeguard my RIGHT to engulf myself in my brand of escapism. I’ll enjoy it the most in 2014 when the rest of these tea bastards are voted out.