Contemplating Howard Hughes and Mitt Romney

I was just contemplating the difference between Howard Hughes and Mitt Rom(o)ney. Both rich sons of bitches who grew up wallowing in wealth. But that is where the similarity ends, cos Hughes was never really stingy with his wealth, and he actually worked: And that was why he was about 20 times richer than Mittens will ever be:  The Diff, the really Big Diff? Howard Hughes not only got his own hands covered with Grease (In a figurative way, naturally), but he actually created jobs on US SOIL.  As crazy as the guy was, he actually put hundreds of thousands of people personally to work. Granted some of them working to protect him from Germs, but work nonetheless.


Mitt Romney is NO patriot, not like Howard was. What did Howard do? He helped us WIN World War II, he designed the ammo loader for machine guns that were on every plane. He actually made Transatlantic Flight financially feasible for a lot of people. Most of the tech we use today has SOME link back to Hughes.  But WHAT has Mitt done?

In 1985 Mittens was just beginning his process of “Harvesting” companies – Not to obtain their Product,  not to make them larger. Simply to make his pocketbook larger. We know that Howard bought out all kinds of companies,  he always tried to make them produce more.  He bought TWA and created Transatlantic Flights.  He even operated the company at a loss, but eventually when he did sell the company it was worth well over what he put into it himself.

Romney is NO patriot. Hughes was known to do boons for hard pressed people now and then, Romney tells us that 47% of Americans are freeloaders. Romney tells us to “go to the emergency room” for Medical care.  Hughes? He made a Hospital. And where Mittens wants to  be able to open a window on a plane, Hughes almost single handedly set the Aviation world on its ear, bringing innovation after innovation. Hughes actually made several Movies that were GOOD, groundbreaking and stretching the limits of the Censors, bringing us visual and auditory excitement. What will Romney do? He’ll initiate Internet Censors. He’ll SHUT OFF Free speech.

If Howard Hughes were alive, and running for president, he would be ten times the candidate Romney is. Because he was a true blue american inventor and innovator who never tried to squelch the people who he actually worked with. He demanded much from them, but he put record numbers of people to work.

When we consider Howard Hughes and Mitt Romney, we see the difference between a strong american work ethic – Hughes did not just inherit his money, he continued to work to make his lot and our lot better. And just as Leonardo DiCapprio as Hughes says in “The Aviator” — “I’ve been fighting High Hat Ivy League PRICKS like that my Whole Life.” Well, let’s do one for Howard – Let’s KEEP this High Hat Ivy League Prick OUT of the White House and out of Politics altogether.