How if I kicked you in the balls SO HARD…


-That they get LODGED in your Fuckin Nostrils. Eh? This little spew was from Whoopie¬†Goldberg from a little comedy moovie called “Jumpin Jack Flash” in the Mid-80’s. Not the best moovie, but it had some of the best one-liners ever. The response to Whoopie was “How if I cleaned your mouth with a Wire Brush?” I remember it was one of the first moovies that dealt with Computers being used as a “Chat-Room” and Whoopie was talking to Jon Pryce in Russia. ¬†Later in the 90’s the Dial-Up BBS became very popular, most of them private call-in sites some of them offered Internet Access through a SLIP account. I used this for my first ISP, little company called Anarchy-X. In a few years, AOL took over an entire corner of the Dialup Business, of course, they had their own numbers, relays, a huge network, offering Internet access, but vetted through their proxies.

In 1997, I was the first customer in my entire county to have Broadband Internet Access – And it was VERY Fast back then. They did not bother to cap the upload speed, and I never had to worry about bandwidth usage.

But now, they want to mete out every BIT I use, making me PAY for overages. It has not gotten that bad yet, but elect RoMONEY? You’ll see restrictions galore.