First Rant of 2014.

Quandary: To update my iPhone 4S to iOS 7 or NOT. Starting in IOS 6, the valuable CHOICE and ability to restore a previous OS was taken away from Apple Users. But iOS 6 was not much different visually than 5, or 4, or even 3. Then Suddenly Apple puts out an iOS that LOOKS (and acts) like Windows 8 for Phones! And the problem with iOS 7 is the same problem as Windows 8, it WORKS GREAT, but Windows 8 and iOS 7 have the signal honour to be among the UGLIEST OSes in the history of Mankind.

b-b-but – iOS 7 DOES have cool stuff: I can TURN ON Bluetooth and Location services using Siri. Among several other REALLY COOL features.

But – I’ll never again SEE the cool icons, I’ll never ever again SEE, when Kit Johnson txts me while I am working on something, I see the message in the little STRIP banner across the top of my Springboard- And then, it ROTATES OUT as a block in that 3-D animation. In iOS 7, that strip is HUGE, taking up an 8th of the screen, so on an iPhone 4S with the smaller screen, this is not an improvement with the Banner Alerts, which were designed originally to be UNOBTRUSIVE

And then SIRI – over half of my MODS are Siri, I got it rigged so that it responds with Majel Barret-Roddenberry’s Voice because I installed HANDS FREE, which uses her voice to say “Working” and several other phrases, and even after I uninstalled the Mod, her VOICE is still there. So, because of that, my iPhoneOffice has been MORE than personalised, because I have exchanged emails with Majel and I feel I know who she is, I believe she really was a Hippy at heart, and she stayed true to being who she is all through the 60s until her passing. So I feel i have a piece of her, her voice, in my phone and in a ridiculous way I can touch her (And my love of Trek) and she me every time she says “Working…”.

And even GONE is way Siri used to RAISE UP the Springboard to reveal, THAT is where she was Hiding.

But Most Important, I feel that iOS 6 was the LAST iOS to show Steve Job’s REAL Vision for the future of iPhones and Devices – In my mind, it was NEVER Steve Job’s INTENTION to “Go BLAND”

Steve Jobs, was powered by HOW IT LOOKS, and he NEVER would have allowed iOS 7 to be released with shitty graphics as it has now. Steve was all about making it DIFFERENT than Windows, NOT the SAME.

That was why as a long time Windows user, because I was schooled in Intel CPUs and DOS/Windows PCs, using Apple products was a breath of Fresh Air, initially I hated them, but when MACOS came out in the 90’s I realised, this is not like that Mac that Scotty used in “Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home”. “A Keyboard, How Quaint” – I actually had one of those in 1996, but I had to sell it, as cool as those were for 1984 – And remember the Ridley Scott Commercial for those? I hated them because Macs were not Terminal Driven like PCs were at the time. Even though, it HAD the terminal Program IN it, but it was the first PERSONAL Computer to use the Sparc Workstation style GUI and make it so that THAT was what you saw when you logged in, instead of:

c:\ PCDOS 1.1>

And even the original WINDOWS was Terminal Driven, until Windows 95, where it was “Like a Mac” but only in that it Booted to a Graphic UI.

And if anyone has ever seen a MACOS boot up in VERBOSE Mode… You will see WHY it was better for all that to be covered by a beautiful image.

In Fact MACOS was highly visual through the 90’s and when OSX and OSX.1 came out, it was all about making the VISUAL experience of MACOS even better than it was with MACOS 7 through 9.2.2. I LOVE 9.2.2, I am still running it in an original iMac – A Blue one. I loved that there was this thing about COLOURs with Mac Products – Especially in the OSes. But after the original coloured line of iMacs was done, out came the eMacs, the “White-Only” versions. And finally around 2006 or so came the iMacs with a LCD Monitor rather than the old Radiation-Exuding Cathode Ray Tube.

So, I think iOS 7 – Steve Jobs would be saying NO NO NO and NO! He would have Fired Tim Cook, he would have fired ALL of the designers that worked on it.

But as I say, it’s FAST. But that speed was given to it at the cost of losing ALL of iOS most endearing graphical qualities. And I can say for a fact – Galaxy Users who have Droid 4.4, Droid 4.4 is more like iOS 6 than iOS 7 is- So the Crappy “Googol” OS, gets the Graphical Update, and iOS 7 turns a BLAND 6. iOS is 6 years old this year is it not? Proving that as you get older you do NOT necessarily look better.

MACOSX however, is about 14 years old and it has only had MINOR graphical changes.

So – I am probably going to update – But I’ll do it TOMORROW, because I’ll never see my iPhone the way it is now ever again.

It is like Putting a beloved PET to sleep, so I want to spend ONE more day with her. I was spared that with Ming, because she went and passed away on me, but when I did Spot, it hurt me more than anything ever has in my life.

And I’ll feel the same way, I really am feeling as if an iOS 7 update is a lot like pet “Youth in Asia”.

1-1-2014 3:01pm Standard Time.









My First Rant of 2014


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