That CHRISTIANS are doing this, is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen, the most indecent thing, and the fact that this is a so-called “Spirit Filled Ministry” – Which Spirit?  Because the Holy Spirit with which I am familiar would never encourage anyone to use this level of unprecedented HATE. A MINISTRY that is doing these things, should be taxed, because this really has nothing to do with God, or what He would Want. Not to mention, was this little “experiment” also done with Romney’s contribution page? The entire argument here, is that Obama’s campaign fund accepted a “Foreign” contribution from a Terrorist. Using an AMERICAN Credit card, from Pasadena. I’ll bet the people who saw this little transaction saw it and said “Well, thanks for the $15 contribution, BUB.”

Mario Murillo Ministries



No block to foreign money – not even from dead terrorists

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One comment on “lies,

  1. I sent links to this blog to The White House indicating all of the names of the people involved. Once again, on behalf of The President, I appreciate your donation to the Obama Campaign.

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